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Better late than never

What had started as a post shooting season update two months ago, ended up put on the back burner, apologies to all three readers of my site!

Shooting season was limited in outings, but very productive. A good show of birds about which is always nice. What we lacked in quantity was made up for in quality, Baz continues to develop into a cunning game finder, even with limited exposure, and Betty held the fort on ducks this year.

I had the pleasure of hunting with a few of their progeny this season, amongst those was Otamarakau Aura. Doing everything right at a young age, I feel it is a case of 'watch this space' with this dog. After the shooting season, he placed 3rd in the Pointer & Setter club novice trial gaining his qualifying certificate (QC suffix) at 15 months, then continued the same form a few weeks later, with a 1st= at the North Island Novice. Lets hope it is a sign of things to come for Aura and his owner Frances.

Otamarakau Aura QC with his owner, Frances Conner

There is a whisper of a dog featured in previous updates, Willis, being used at stud soon on a very hard running bitch with a fair bit of continental blood in her. It's under wraps for now, but if it happens I'll post it here for anyone interested in a puppy. An exciting development and one we here at Otamarakau endorse wholeheartedly. Until then mums the word!

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